Posters, banners, and large format printing

In the world of graphic design, many of us are used to working with brochures, business cards letterhead etc., but what do we do when it needs to be BIG!!?  Resolution is the key to success.  Many designs look great on the screen, but when they are enlarged to 10 times their original size images can look rough around the edges.  It is important to start with high dpi files.  Your graphics should be 100 – 150 dpi at their finished size.  Scan or purchase FAT (high-resolution) files to ensure you have the resolution needed.  If you start with a graphic too low in resolution, enlarging it in Photoshop will not put back the missing information.  If in doubt, instead of just doing a proof of your entire file at a reduced percentage, print a small cross section of the graphic portion at 100 percent to get an idea of what it will look like at the finished size.  When you sent your file off for production, be sure to ask it to be pre-filghted by your printing professional.


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