3 Tips For Going Green With Your Business and Marketing Printing

Green Printing for Eco-Friendly ResultsWe know how important print materials are to your company, as well as the rising importance of conservation.  Going green is becoming more convenient and cost competitive.  Changing a few things can impact the health of our world.  Here are a few different decisions you can make to decrease your carbon footprint while producing quality ecofriendly results.

1.      Project Design and Preparation

For the best print job, check with your printer before the project starts to make sure the size of the print job matches the size of the press to avoid extra waste from paper trimmings.  While designing your print materials, keep in mind that using less ink makes it easier to recycle the paper products, and bleeds (ink all the way to the edges of the paper) use more de-inking energy and potentially creates more trimmings.  Be aware of the printer’s habits and recycling practices and support printers with environmentally friendly behaviors. 

2.      Know Your Paper

Green Paper - Forest Stewardship CouncilThere are different kinds of “recycled paper” so make sure you are using post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled paper.  This means the paper was actually used before and therefore you will be reusing paper instead of it being thrown into the landfills.  Try and find the highest percentage PCW paper, usually ranges from 30-100%.  Each ton of 100% post-consumer recycled fiber that replaces a ton of virgin fiber (the original source of paper) saves between 12 and 24 trees.  Since paper must be bleached, environmentally responsible paper must also be processed chlorine-free (PCF).  An easy way to spot the best paper products is to look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification logo. This will tell your customers you are supporting the highest social and environmental standards.  Learn more about the different levels of environmentally responsible paper and make sure you choose the best one by easily recognizing these sustainable symbols. 

3.      The Actual Printing

Green Printing with soy inkUsing waterless or digital printing is better than regular, petroleum based inks because it decreases the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the atmosphere during the recycling process.  Vegetable or soy based inks are highly recommended and they are becoming more popular as sustainable commodities because they are easier to clean up and de-ink.  Special coatings and laminates with metallic inks are harmful waste products that may be rejected from the recycling process, creating more waste and emissions.  Use water-based aqueous coatings if you need that nice looking protective top layer as the most eco-friendly version.  Also for your finishing touches, stay with water based adhesives, and only use packaging if absolutely necessary.

The knowledgeble staff at Wemorph can help you select the right materials for your business, marketing or trade show print project.  “Go Green” without breaking your budget. Contact us for help. For faster service, phone us at (650) 485-2505.

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