Wemorph Can Polish Your Business Image

Wemorph can polish your business image in printIf you have ever shopped for printing online, you know that you get two choices. You can use the pre-set formats the company offers or you can upload a custom document you have created. But, what if the pre-set formats don’t have what you want, but you don’t have the tools to create the sophisticated custom document you have in mind?

Wemorph can help! Give us a basic idea of what you want to have for a printed product and we’ll “morph” it for you into a more polished image. We can also take a generic image and make it look more like your industry or whatever particular look and feel you are trying to achieve.

Design elements and images help convey concepts and emotions so well that the right ones can speak eloquently about your business. You have only a few seconds as a prospect or customer scans your brochure or postcard or business stationery to make a positive impression.

It is not unusual for large enterprises to have graphic designers on staff to create the right look and feel for each marketing initiative. But, if you are a small to mid-sized business, you may not have graphic resources at your beck and call.

Let Wemorph Do It

Wemorph has graphic design staff that can help you create business collateral, brochures, postcards, posters, and more to help you reach out to new and existing customers.  You are not limited to regular paper sizes. Imagine your message as a counter top or table top display or even a giant poster or banner to decorate your office walls.

Have instructions that your clients need to know? Create a large or small poster to display in a prominent spot.  You will get you message across without constantly repeating yourself. Whatever you need, we can get it looking just right.

Just created a new contest for mobile customers? We can help you get the QR code just right so that it scans well and gets customers to your mobile contest web page.

Let us become your graphic consultants. We’ll polish your business image to make a positive lasting impression.

Give us a call or email us today. You can Contact us for help, or for faster service, phone us at 650-485-2505.

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3 Tips For Going Green With Your Business and Marketing Printing

Green Printing for Eco-Friendly ResultsWe know how important print materials are to your company, as well as the rising importance of conservation.  Going green is becoming more convenient and cost competitive.  Changing a few things can impact the health of our world.  Here are a few different decisions you can make to decrease your carbon footprint while producing quality ecofriendly results.

1.      Project Design and Preparation

For the best print job, check with your printer before the project starts to make sure the size of the print job matches the size of the press to avoid extra waste from paper trimmings.  While designing your print materials, keep in mind that using less ink makes it easier to recycle the paper products, and bleeds (ink all the way to the edges of the paper) use more de-inking energy and potentially creates more trimmings.  Be aware of the printer’s habits and recycling practices and support printers with environmentally friendly behaviors. 

2.      Know Your Paper

Green Paper - Forest Stewardship CouncilThere are different kinds of “recycled paper” so make sure you are using post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled paper.  This means the paper was actually used before and therefore you will be reusing paper instead of it being thrown into the landfills.  Try and find the highest percentage PCW paper, usually ranges from 30-100%.  Each ton of 100% post-consumer recycled fiber that replaces a ton of virgin fiber (the original source of paper) saves between 12 and 24 trees.  Since paper must be bleached, environmentally responsible paper must also be processed chlorine-free (PCF).  An easy way to spot the best paper products is to look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification logo. This will tell your customers you are supporting the highest social and environmental standards.  Learn more about the different levels of environmentally responsible paper and make sure you choose the best one by easily recognizing these sustainable symbols. 

3.      The Actual Printing

Green Printing with soy inkUsing waterless or digital printing is better than regular, petroleum based inks because it decreases the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the atmosphere during the recycling process.  Vegetable or soy based inks are highly recommended and they are becoming more popular as sustainable commodities because they are easier to clean up and de-ink.  Special coatings and laminates with metallic inks are harmful waste products that may be rejected from the recycling process, creating more waste and emissions.  Use water-based aqueous coatings if you need that nice looking protective top layer as the most eco-friendly version.  Also for your finishing touches, stay with water based adhesives, and only use packaging if absolutely necessary.

The knowledgeble staff at Wemorph can help you select the right materials for your business, marketing or trade show print project.  “Go Green” without breaking your budget. Contact us for help. For faster service, phone us at (650) 485-2505.

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Wemorph, Inc. Sponsors Contest for Designers and Marketers

New Contest Offers Recognition for Innovative Ways to Reach Customers Bombarded With Thousands of Email, Phone and Social Media Messages Each Day

Summary: Wemorph, Inc. (www.wemorph.com) Recognizes Designers and Marketers from Local Small and Mid-sized Businesses in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties with “Show Your Best Print Project Contest.” Marketers agree that super busy customers are increasingly shutting out the hundreds or thousands of online, phone and email messages they receive each day while print is seeing better response.

PALO ALTO, CA –Wemorph, Inc., (www.wemorph.com) a leading digital imaging and printing company in the San Francisco BayArea, today announced its new “Show Your Best Print Project Contest” for local small and mid-sized businesses in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. This photo contest offers local designers and marketers an opportunity to show how they are getting their business message across to super busy customers.

The “Show Your Best Print Project Contest” will be hosted on the Wemorph, Inc. blog (http://wemorph.com.blog) Full contest rules are located there. The contest will run from April 27 to June 8, 2012.  Voting will be open to the local business community. The creator of the print project receiving the most votes will win a new iPod Touch with the latest features and built-in apps.

Participants will submit either a pdf file of artwork, or photo in digital format, of an actual print project developed in 2011-2012 that are part of either a standalone or multichannel campaign to promote a business’ products or services. Photos should be submitted via email to contest@wemorph.com.

Guestimates vary widely about how many images and messages a person sees in a day. It is generally agreed that average individuals are bombarded with so many messages that they consciously and unconsciously shut out most of them out. Marketing messages sent via email get ignored and phone calls go to voicemail only to be deleted. Social media messages and TV and radio all compete for our limited attention.

Many businesses have recently discovered that these hard to reach individuals are responding to creative print projects such as postcards, brochures, flyers and other items that can be mailed or handed to the customer. Through multichannel marketing, the same message is delivered both online and offline to reach the customer at the right point in the buying cycle.

“We are hoping to find innovative examples of print products to share as examples with the local business community to help everyone reach their target markets more effectively, “said Dan Ingerman, owner of Wemorph, Inc.

About Wemorph, Inc.

Wemorph, Inc. was formed in late 2011 through the merger of three established San Francisco Bay Area printing companies: Mediamorphosis, established in 1989, Goodco Press, established in 1971, and Stevens Printing, established in 1930. By combining their individual specialties in printing, they now offer a one-stop shop for digital, offset and wide format printing with an emphasis on premium quality work and excellent customer service.

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Tips for Having a Great Trade Show

Get Tips for Going to A Trade ShowIf you are new to attending trade shows as an exhibitor, you may be elated and terrified at the same time! Your management has great expectations for results. so you want to make sure that you get the right ROI.

Going to a Trade Show? Tips and Checklists from Wemorph, Inc.

From a marketing and a sales perspective, there is nothing better than talking to your customers face-to-face. Their reactions, comments and questions can help you tailor your marketing and sales materials to grab even more attention for your company.

Trade shows are also a great way to check up on your competitors and forge relationships with potential partners. Having a successful trade show experience takes advance planning, though.

If you are the person in your company making the arrangements for a new show, you have a lot work to do before the show.

Wemorph’s trade show and printing experts have developed an easy-to-use set of checklists to help you prepare for your next event–Going to a Trade Show? Tips and Checklists from Wemorph, Inc.

We know that you have a lot to do so we made this helpful download concise and easy to use. Just click on the link to get your copy.

Do you have other ideas or questions about  exhibiting at a trade show?


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Posters, banners, and large format printing

In the world of graphic design, many of us are used to working with brochures, business cards letterhead etc., but what do we do when it needs to be BIG!!?  Resolution is the key to success.  Many designs look great on the screen, but when they are enlarged to 10 times their original size images can look rough around the edges.  It is important to start with high dpi files.  Your graphics should be 100 – 150 dpi at their finished size.  Scan or purchase FAT (high-resolution) files to ensure you have the resolution needed.  If you start with a graphic too low in resolution, enlarging it in Photoshop will not put back the missing information.  If in doubt, instead of just doing a proof of your entire file at a reduced percentage, print a small cross section of the graphic portion at 100 percent to get an idea of what it will look like at the finished size.  When you sent your file off for production, be sure to ask it to be pre-filghted by your printing professional.


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How To Get The Best Deal from Local Printing Companies.

When it comes to printing, look beyond the price and don’t leave your money on the table
When purchasing printing for your marketing needs what do you look for? Do you just ask for a quotation? When you are dealing with a print professional, he or she will take the time to ask about your project and see if there are alternative solutions which can lead to money saving alternatives. The printing industry is constantly changing. There are many new ways to tackle your marketing needs, new equipment and new materials can help create better looking pieces and in many cases, less money.
Please feel free to ask any questions about these products, that will help you come out looking better and save you money. www.wemorph.com

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